Figaro´s Pizza

Figaro’s Pizza began in 1981 as the dream of two entrepreneurs, Corkey Gorley & Al Debacker in Salem and Albany, Oregon, who wanted to meet the needs of busy families. In an era when both parents often work outside the home and there’s a universal demand for speed, quality, value and convenience, Figaro’s Pizza’s popularity has increased year after year as a partner in the mealtime preparation.

The Company pioneered a product that became known as ‘take-and-bake’ pizza which a customer could watch get freshly prepared with only the best, freshest ingredients, and then could bake at home when they wanted to. Then, we added ovens, becoming the industry leader in providing customers the ‘we bake or you bake’ choice.

The Company focused from the beginning on creating unique, delicious, wholesome pizzas unlike the ‘other’ pizzas available. The attention to creating pizza masterpieces led to the commitment to not adding MSG, as well as no fillers or extenders, the use of only real cheese, the preparation of fresh dough at every location every day, special sauces blended with imported extra virgin olive oil, leaner choice meats and fresh vegetables. Combine it all, and you have a unique, and uniquely delicious product you will be proud to offer. Today, Figaro’s is the leading company offering both baked and unbaked pizzas.

Figaro´s Pizza

Phoenix, Oregon

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