Synced Smiles

We’ve cut out the middle man. We don’t have celebrity endorsements, or big Fortune names to send money to. We saw a problem and we put together a streamlined way to get you a quality product while addressing a global health issue. Your involvement goes a long way!

We source high quality, cost effective toothbrushes and when necessary provide other dental essentials such as toothpaste for the needy. We send our toothbrushes primarily to missions and relief programs dedicated specifically to bringing oral health to those most in need. Our efforts to continually build relationships with new organizations that go to new countries and regions is ongoing.

We currently send toothbrushes to missions that serve the less fortunate in Afghanistan, The Dominican Republic, Samoa, Peru, Cuba, Tonga, Marshall Islands, the Philippines, Malawi, and our national needs here in The United States.

Synced Smiles

Balboa Street at La Playa
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 580-1095

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